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Looking at building a new pc wiith a budget of around £2-300 (with a preference for the lower end of that) for the main components (CPU, MOBO, RAM)

and then around £150 for a GPU.

already have all the other component and peripherals from my current PC so can upgrade them as and when.

The PC would be used mainly for gaming and i tend to multitask quite a lot too... and hopefully last me a good few years!

My main question is which CPU to get, for around the £100 mark im torn between the i3-2120 and the AMD P2 960t due to the potential 6 cores, overclocking ability and new games ability to utilise the extra cores! i have considered the i5 2xxx which i know blow everything else out the water but i think if i get a better GPU and MOBO with the money saved the gaming performance and upgrade potential will be greater :)

sooooo basically.... any advice :)
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  1. Ok my advice

    go with intel.

    Intel pentum g 850
    Asrock h61 cafe
    corsair 2x 4 gb 1600 mhz ddr3
    sapphire hd 7850 ghz ddition

    and 500w psu
  2. cheers for the advice, with that mobo the upgrade potential is quite limited is it not ?

    if i were to go for the i5 2500k what mobo would people suggest ? :)
  3. well right now i want a rig that can play most games on high settings and be able to do so for a few years (will happily upgrade gpu and cpu to do this).
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