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I'm not exactly sure if this should go under new builds, or homebuilt, but since this is the board I've spent the most time on, I think I'll give it a shot

Earlier I was reading a thread on Maximum PC about upgrading a build very similar to mine (article here: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/build_it_upgrading_x58_rig_gaming_powerhouse)

It got me thinking about upgrading my rig, and so I thought I would get some input regarding whether this is the best upgrade path, or if the community here had better alternatives.

My Rig:

CPU: i7-920 (overclocked to 3.8ghz on air)

Motherboard: P6T Deluxe v2

Ram: G-Skill Pi White 6 GB (3x2GB)

Cooler: Zalman 9500 Copper Blade of Finger Destruction

Case: Antec 902

PSU: Antec 850W

GPU: GTX 280

HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB x2

I'm looking to get the most out of my rig for the least amount--however, my budget is very flexible. I was thinking that the ram and graphics card could use updating, and perhaps some more storage for my media (I have a few of those 1TB externals with a bunch of media on it).

My primary use for it is gaming and watching media, aside from the basics (word, email, internet, you know the rest).

I have a 24in Samsung monitor, and just purchased a 27in model as well. Ideally, I would like to be able to add a third, which would connect my computer to my TV for movies.
I would really appreciate some input from you guys. If you need more information, just ask, and you shell receive.
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  1. I would say video card would be the best bang for the buck upgrade for you.
  2. What are your thoughts on the GPU? The article suggest the Radeon 7950
  3. +1 add another gtx 280
  4. The RAM is fine . More than you need for gaming .
    Processor speed more than fine .

    Replace the graphics card .
    Either the 7 xxx Radeons or the nVidia 6xx series

    And dont tell any intel fanboys your computer draws more power than an AMD bulldozer . It will hurt their feelings
  5. So, the GTX 280 seems to be rather expensive still, especially compared to some of the newer cards available. I've looked aroundat adding another one for a while--Buy.com has one for $375. Is that really the best bet?
  6. With what you got, the GPU would be first. Especially if you go triple-monitors. Get into at least the Radeon HD 6xxx series.

    But, if you want blazing speed, get a SSD for OS/Programs. Start with 60GB, but get 128GB. Since your rig is only SATA II, SATA III SSD are backwards compatible. And you can RAID 0 two SSDs to double the read/write speeds, to match SATA III.

    Then if, and only if, you want a few more MHz out of the CPU, go to a i7-960.
  7. The GTX 280 is so old its a snail compared to a 2011 graphics card . Two snails are still slow .
  8. That's what I thought. Doesn't seem like the best bet to pay $350 for another when for $450 you can get a 7950
  9. gtx 600 or radeon 7000 series gpu as other suggested, also ssd would be a very nice addition to make your system snappy (120/128gb recommended, 60/64 is also fine if you don't put games on it... well more than 1 game)
  10. Just buy a 7870 and an SSD drive. My computer is almost identical to yours, and those two changes alone were amazing.
  11. Scannall -- what are your thoughts on the 7870 v. 7950. It's about $100 difference.

    Seems like consensus is to upgrade the GPU and to go with an SSD for the OS/games.

    Any thoughts on large storage drives for media? I was thinking a couple of the 3TB Caviar greens...
  12. It depends on your budget of course. For some people another $100 is a deal breaker. For others it isn't.
  13. Quote:
    Any thoughts on large storage drives for media? I was thinking a couple of the 3TB Caviar greens...[

    6TB would be overkill. That's alot of storage. I have 2TB, and even with 100 or so movies, it fills up only 1TB.

    Greens are good for storage. But I'd wait until prices drop, and get Hitachi 7200rpm models, since Samsung Spinpoints are no more.
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