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i have a funny noise coming from my pc, i installed a ssd and since there is like a humming noise like something working quick, sometimes its not there but after the pc been on a while it comes on.

I have taken out most componenets and its not cpu, gpu, dvd drive, ssd cables or anything like that, ive been told it could be a dodgy psu (corsair 850) but its only a year old and they are meant to be reliable.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced similar issue, its not that psu is overloaded as i have taken gpu out and the noise is still there, i dont want to buy a new psu if its not gonna work and i dont have another that's 850w to test it.

I've also been told a psu tester wont tell me if its dodgy just if its not working, is this true? Everything on pc is working but its just making this noise, its not that loud but its annoying and needs fixing.

Thanks for any help people, this issue is driving me crazy!
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  1. Sounds like a bearing to me....I'm no pro but try interrupting the fans you have with something and see if it changes or stops the noise.
  2. I suggest you to try what helpmeguys has suggested, If the noise is still present, Try stopping different fans and see if that helps.

    Also if the fans are not the culprit, I would try a different PSU or try the PSU in a different system if you can. If it turns out to be the PSU, Corsair is vary good with RMA's, The corsair 850w PSU should be enough to handle a pretty highly OC sytem with ease.

    Also My ATI HD5850 makes a sort of buzzing or squeal sound usually in GTA4, Even with out my cards OC, it still does it, its been doing this since 2010.
  3. right when you say stop fans you mean put like a pen in whilst there going or disconnecting? I have already disconnected all fans and the noise is still there, when i disconnect gpu's with the fans the noise is still there.

    Infact i have disconnected pretty much everything, so im sure its psu. Been told to try the paper clip trick to see if it still makes noise, but with everything disconnected will it still mkae that noise as it wont be working as hard surely??
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