Computer randomly spams the "+" symbol.

My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium x64, the problem occured about a week ago. Randomly, usually about an hour after my computer has been running, it will spam the text input for the "+" key. Backspace does nothing, pressing the key does nothing, unplugging the keyboard does nothing. I reformatted my hard drive completely and did a fresh install yesterday and the issue persists. I logged into my computer and let it sit for two hours with a text file open and came back to find it had started spamming the plus symbol as well. Any ideas as to what it could be and possible fixes? Thank you for your time, I look forward to your replies. -HBP
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  1. Try a new keyboard. Has yours been: run over, shredded, chewed on by a dinosaur or otherwise damaged? It's obviously a hardware issue. Solution: Buy a new keyboard.

    Sorry for the snarky attitude, I couldn't resist :p
  2. Overwhelmingly, the first thing to try is a different keyboard. But since it seems to be happening even without the keyboard plugged in, a few other things you might consider trying:

    - Does the keyboard work in the BIOS?
    - Does the keyboard work if you boot in safe mode?
    - Could some other device be inadvertently acting as a "keyboard?" Try opening up Device Manager from the control panel and see if more than one entry is listed for some reason.

    If this turns up nothing, you could try resetting your BIOS to factory defaults and see if that fixes the problem.

    One other possible explanation (which would be the worst news) is that you have a USB or PS/2 port that's going bad or has some physical damage to the pins - not necessarily the same one your keyboard plugs into. If that's the case, you could try disabling USB ports and seeing if the problem persists ... but even if that fixes it, that's still a less than ideal situation.
  3. I apologize, as every hit from google when trying to find a solution to this problem was a keyboard related problem, I should have elaborated.

    -I have used three different keyboards with the same results.

    -While the problem is happening, using capslock and shift keys do not affect the "+"'s but do affect text I manually input (although they're overwhelmed by all of the +'s)

    -The keyboards do work in the BIOS.

    -They do work in Safe Mode.

    -Only the device I have activated is loaded as a keyboard in the device manager.

    I will try looking for out of place settings in my BIOS and if I need to resetting them to defaults and post back my results later. I am on my way out the door currently but I wanted to elaborate on my situation for anyone else who may view my question while I am away.

    Thanks again for the feedback so far.
  4. Ah, excellent. I see you did do some research! Excellent work.

    To me it sounds like a problem with the PS2 or USB port. Do you have keyboards of both/either variety? If you only have USB keyboards, try using other ports. For PS2, try and acquire/borrow a USB one. This will tell us if the problem is mobo-related.

    Just in case it's specific to Windows, try running Ubuntu or a similar OS off a live CD. This could tell us that the problem is software specific. Maybe you have a corrupted installation of Windows.
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    That's puzzling. If it was a physical problem with the USB or PS/2 port, I would have expected the issue to continue regardless of whether you were in Safe Mode, the BIOS, or wherever.

    I definitely think testing it out in a Linux OS would be worthwhile in helping narrow down the cause if it's a software issue.

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet, but I was reminded about it because of Safe Mode ... perhaps you should see if there are any BIOS or driver updates available for your motherboard. It's possible that about a week ago, some Windows update was published that disagreed with one of your motherboard's drivers, specifically one related to the USB or PS/2 controllers.

    Since Safe Mode's job is to boot the system with a bare minimum of auxiliary functions, perhaps that's letting the system avoid loading whatever element is causing the trouble. At any rate, if there are updated motherboard drivers available, it's possible they've been tweaked for better compatibility and won't have the same issues.
  6. I apologize for not getting back to you folks sooner, I've been busy over the Holiday. So far I've tried resetting the BIOS to factory defaults, flashing it to the latest update, updating all of the drivers for my Hardware (that I hadn't already) and none of it fixed the issue from popping up occasionally during normal use.

    When I find the time this week I'm going to try booting from a LIVE CD to a Linux OS and mess around in that for a few days and see if the problem persists.

    Additionally I've been ransacking my garage trying to find a PS2 keyboard or an adapter, I know I have one somewhere! :P

    UPDATE: I found a PS/2 keyboard and have been using it for about 24 hours with no problems. I'm still not sure if it's the mobo's fault or a recent Window's update that is casing the compatibility problem so I'll try and get an Ubuntu setup going and report the results. Thanks for all of your help so far, gentlemen! :-)
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