Trouble POSTing my computer build (continued)

Ok, sorry but I could not find my old thread from a week ago so I made a new one (any admin feel free to merge the threads).
I am a system builder semi-professionally so I have at least a moderate degree of knowledge. I am building a $3500 computer for a client right now with an ASUS p9x79 motherboard, Intel 3930K CPU. It has been two weeks now since he ordered it so I am crazily trying to finish this build.

From Old Thread-
When I got all the parts last week and installed them, the computer did not POST. The fans spin for 1/10th of a second before dying. I get no message from the motherboard speaker and nothing I do fixes the problem. Even removing the motherboard from the case gives the same problem. I can not get the PSU to output that 1/10th of a second of power between attempts unless I turn it off and on or unplug it to reset the breaker. I know the PSU, RAM, Video card are good in the system so I presume the problem lies in the motherboard, CPU. Upon recommendation, I RMA the motherboard.

I got the RMA board and hooked it up on my wooden workbench. Success! The computer gets to BIOS perfectly and I presume all is well-FOOLISH ME! I install the board in the case and plug in everything-same problem. 1/10th of a second of power, dead. So I hank the board out again and put it on the bench exactly as it was when I first bread-boarded it-same problem now. I can see the CPU light go red for 1/10th a second, fans spin, dies. So, at this point (around 3am last night) I proceed to pound myself in the head repeatedly against the wall to the point of a near-concussion before going to bead.

This morning/afternoon I get up and call ASUS customer service. The rep there tells me that after clearing CMOS if the motherboard still does not POST out of the system, it is dead. I had the PSU unpluged, CMOS battery out all morning so this is not what I want to hear. He says the only explanation is that the the case is shorting the board. So, I call coolermaster. They tell me that it is impossible for a 912 to permanently damage a motherboard like the ASUS rep claimed. They say that if the underside of the motherboard were touching the case then it would short but not die. Of course, all my spacers/stand-offs are installed and all but one had screws through them upon my first boot attempt with the RMA board. Then he asks if I mixed up my firewire/USB-the 912 does not have firewire so this is impossible.

So, here are my thoughts.
1. One of the components that I do not install while breadboarding- optical drive, SSD, two hard drives, media reader, front panel connections could be frying the boards but I have never experienced this nor heard of it happening to anyone else.
2. Despite whatever CM says, the case is frying these boards like eggs.
3. One of my cables ties, several of them have metal insides, that are scattered around the case are frying these boards.
4. Some other unkown factor is causing this.
5. I am cursed.

So, I have roughly $2500 of parts sitting on my bench with no solution-what can I do?
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    ASUS motherboards are notorious for having a hard time posting. Your best bet is to pray, submerge it in liquid nitrogen, swear at it, kick it across the room, and sacrifice a virgin. Not necessarily in that order.

    I will say however that my Rampage IV Extreme needs to have its firmware reset every time I install a new PCIe peripheral

    EDIT: If you are building a system now you probably have the C2 stepping processors which necessitate a firmware update to all motherboards and yours may not have been updated yet. Thankfully Asus has about 100 ways of flashing the firmware. Try loading the latest firmware on a USB stick, plugging it into a specific port and working from there. Instructions should cover the rest

    EDIT2: you may actually be cursed
  2. you have a few would be to buy slight taller standoff so that any board flex whit the ram..cpu cooler and video card give the board room to flex but not short out. the other fix is to go get some rubber spacers that have glue pad on one side.
    looking at the haf 912 i dont know why they did it but the gpu a very heavy part line up where they made the tray a high spot if you look at you tray and the imaged on coolmaster web site.
  3. Try a different case. If the customer specifically asked for that case then take everything out of the case and spray the mobo section with a rubberized paint and then put everything back in. It's easy enough to check if it's a peripheral just by leaving them out and trying to post. After successful post start one at a time putting them back in and plugging them up until you find the culprit(s). And leave the front panel header off except the power switch. It could be a short in one of those wires. The X 79 mobos seem to be real buggy. I've had 2 so far and have not been satisfied with either of there performances.
    Otherwise, try Pinhedd's solutions - "and sacrifice a virgin", I think he meant sacrifice her virginity, (or yours little geek). If all else fails - we refer you back to "EDIT2: you may actually be cursed" and /or doomed!
  4. Sucess!
    It turns out that the backplate of the CPU cooler was touching the back of the case at one point and was frying the boards.
    I covered the back of the backplate in electrical tape and it solved the problem. Finally-and I didn't have to sacrifice any virgins or kick it but much swearing was utilized.
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