Application Hang w/ Audio Buzz HELP! DPS Latency??

Hey, I've just recently built a gaming computer and I've had this problem since the first time i used it. WHen ever i'm playing any mutimedia, like games, music or videos, there is this lag. It's not an internet problem as i have this when playing offline games. First, the screen lags as in just stops whatever it's doing (including mouse), then there's an loud audio buzz. It's quite annoying as it occurs very often. Oh yeah, after the audio buzz ends (in like 1-2 seconds) it recovers to normal, as it if nothing happened. A few things i noticed was that my CPU process is about 80% when it happens and FPS drops to as low as 5 when it happens. Then it returns to normal. I've searched through many forums but I couldn't find any answers. I tried turning off vsync, and updating all drivers. I'm considering overclocking, but not sure. BTW, im using Intel i5 2500k processor, kingston 8GB Ram, Asus p8p67 rev 3.1 mobo, and Radeon 6850. It's not the sound card's problem 'cause i still have when sound is disabled. I'm out of ideas and desperate! Please Help!!
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  1. What power supply unit are you using? Some times certain psu's resonate with the moffets on the motherboard. It's not that you might not have enough power, just a compatibility issue.
  2. Ok. this is my power supply: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750M 750W ATX Modular Power Supply Active PFC 120MM Fan
  3. That's one of the ones I've heard have issues with certain boards. I don't remember which boards exactly but if you can try, borrow someone's, or buy one to bring back if it don't fix it I would try that.
  4. Update: I've found out that whenever this occurs, the cpu is always spiked, not necessarily at 100% though. After the 1-2 seconds, i noticed that the cpu usage stablizes again. i checked which process exactly is causing this through Process Explorer that it is usually "Interrupts" that causes this spike. Now after another look at forums for solutions, people said to use a latency checker the see which drivers are causing the interrupts. Currently, ataport.SYS and ndis.sys have values over 1 in highest execution (ms). Now, trying to find which device they belong to.
  5. I thought interrupts were bios commands for the motherboard?
  6. I'm not sure, many forums and people suggested to disable the highest execution driver, though. I'm clueless at the moment.
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    Have you tried a bios update? I had a board that kept skipping, repeating dadadada, on the sound and I read that the command interrupt something was usually the cause. So I updated the mobo bios and poof it was repaired.
  8. Yea, i just updated my bios, everything seems to work now. THanks.
  9. Glad I could help
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  11. I updated my bios- IT WORKED AS WELL!!!!!!
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