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Just wondering, I've been doing some research on the differences between the i7 and i5 processors and I just wanted to know which one would be the best value for what I'm going to do. I want to buy a laptop, primarily for college but it will get used for gaming quite a bit, (FSX, CoD, BF3, etc...), and also for some 3D CAD work as I get through my degree. Now I don't want to break the bank with this thing, so I want to know if I can get away with an i5 or if I'm going to be better off with an i7. I don't need to run these games on max, although I would like about 30-40 fps with FSX with the best visuals while running 3rd party addons. Additionally, which generation should I go with? Thanks.

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  1. Should be no probs with an i5.

    Make sure the gfx card delivers all you need - check out mobile gfx benchmark sites to make sure you are happy with the framerates for your selected gfx card. Also check out the fsx forums - if I remember, there is someflexibility in the gfx card choice for fsx i.e. up to a point, you don't need the best - fsx forums will better advise).
  2. +1

    The main thing you should look at is gfx because even though more cores would help with the 3D CAD, games like BF3 use your gpu a lot more than your cpu
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