How do I hook up a 3 pin connector with no mobo space?

Hello, I want to hook up more case fans, but it doesn't seem possible. The fan has this odd connector I haven't seen before, it's female (seemingly) 3 pins and very small. It also has a molex on it, which I connected. But I still have this dangling 3 pin thing.

I think I have a 3 pin space on my motherboard, but it's taken by another fan. It looks like the same connector, so I understand that it's meant to go there.. but, what do I do?

Thanks so much.

Will the fan work with only the molex connected? Do I actually NEED to hook in the 3 pin?
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  1. you need to purchase a fan controller to make those work like this:

    LOGISYS Computer FP600BK 6-Channel Fan Controller
  2. Whoa, thanks for the information but that looks super complicated. Isn't there some sort of splitter I could use to just plug in a second fan? Or will it work with just the molex and the 3 pin dangling?
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  4. Yeah! Thank you so much avenseth this is perfect and solves my problem! Thank you!!
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  6. good deal
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