Randomly crashing while in game

I just upgraded my comp and now randomly in game my comp either freezes on current screen while making a noise and I have to power off or it just reboots in the middle of playing i would really appreciate any help I could get this is getting pretty frustrating.

Here are my specs:


Oh and my Power supply is a Thermal Take TR2 RX-850
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  1. looks like your running two 5770 if you are make sure you have the newest drivers from ati and check that there running in crossfire mode. your post shows there not. the other issue could be your pushing the ram to hard and it getting hot and locking up. I would leave the setting you have now and run prime95 it it runs fine (cpu gpu and ram temps) then it a driver issue or a patch that needed for your games. if it locks up or your system start to run hot you may have to slow the system back to more stock speeds.
  2. I think everything is running at stock speeds right now I haven't changed anything. I have installed the latest drivers from ati and i did notice that speccy said that crossfire was disabled but in my catalyst control center its says crossfire is enabled. All my games are up to date and I just updated my bios. Temps for cpu and gfx cards are not going above 50c most of the time they are staying around 35-40c. I keep wanting to think its the ram but man idk memtest came back ok.
  3. The Thermaltake TR2 RX 850 is a really really really bad PSU.

    I almost guarantee you that is why you are having problems.
  4. Yes Id look at a different PSU or See if you can borrow one from a friend to test with .
    The only good thermaltakes that I would use would be a toughpower or a toughpowergrand.
    Which I use. Never had an issue with the toughpower supplys.
    XFX or Corsair, pcpower and cooling supplys are another to look at. Even some of the cooler masters
  5. What do you guys think about the CORSAIR Professional Series HX850 (CMPSU-850HX) 850W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply for my rig and is it good for crossfire set up?
    Or the CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V v2.2 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC?
  6. Corsair is a good company You can google and read the reveiws yourself to see what others think and what some of the folks that test them think. Their higher series AX is ibetter but it doesn't seem like that on would have any issues running your system.
    Here is what one of Toms editors think about it
  7. Either of the Corsair HX 750 or HX 850 should be able to power 2x 5770s I would think.

    Corsair is an OK PSU company, so you can mostly trust them.
  8. You think 750w is as low as I should go?
  9. It isn't a simple question. It depends on a lot of things, some of which we don't know.

    What case you have is one of those things.

    If your PSU is top mounted, you might as well cut its effective wattage in half as compared to the same PSU bottom mounted.

    If you have a top mount case, I would probably even go for the 850w, or better yet just tell you to get a better case.

    If you had a bottom mount case, a 750w is more than good enough. A very solid 650w should be able to cover it pretty well too, but I would definitely not suggest going below that.

    The Corsair 750w is a safe pick with a bottom mount case. The 650w would be the aggressive pick with a bottom mount case. The 850w would be entirely too cautious, IMHO.

    All that is out the window with a top mount case, though.
  10. Yea my PSU sits on the bottom.
  11. Depends on your budget also 750w would cover what you have listed.
    850w if you get at good price gives you a lot of head room. In case you want to upgrade in the future.
  12. Switched out the ram to 8 gigs of kingston and bingo problem solved although in my bios it says my ram is running at 1500 something MHz and its supposed to be at 1600MHz don't know if this is a big deal or not.

    I had this problem with the previous ram and I updated the bios and it gave me the option to change the MHz to 1600 but when i replaced the ram the 1600 option went away again.

    I was also wondering with my GFX cards and cpu if I fps should be dropping down to around 20 in game when I have fraps running i know it drops down but it just seemed like alot.
  13. I would avoid messing around with RAM in the BIOS if I were you. There is nothing to gain by you doing that. Whatever it figures out by itself is the way you should leave it.

    What game are you playing that you are getting 20 FPS with FRAPS on?

    20 FPS with FRAPS on sounds more normal than abnormal to me.
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