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MSI's N560GTX-Ti Hawk vs Asus' ENGTX560Ti448DC2/2DIS/1280MD5?

I'm not sure on which one is better. I have 0% knowledge about graphics cards and do not understand what stats are to be compared here. I've picked these two because they seem like a good choice. I want to run most retail games at the highest res/settings possible. Also what is an "8 phase VRM" and do these cards have them? If not, what comparable cards have them? I'll also be using Maya. Thanks!

system components:

Intel 2600k
Corsair ax850
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  1. the 448 is the more powerful!
  2. They both really perform like a 570, but the asus is a better card.
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    It's all a matter of CUDA cores:
    GTX560 - 336 CUDA cores
    Ti - 384 CUDA cores
    Ti-448 - 448 CUDA cores
    GTX570 - 480 CUDA cores

    The Ti-448 is basically a slightly crippled GTX570 giving near 570 performance at a substantial discount.
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