Will my PSU handle this graphics card?

I pulled out of storage my old acer veriton 3600gt today to give to my friend. I remember when i used to use it that it had shocking onboard graphics. I also have a agp nvidia mx440 64mb that i can put in it, no good for gaming but at least it will handle youtube. Problem is that the computer has 2 hard drives, Pentium 4 2.8ghz, 1 gb of ddr ram and only a 200watt psu.
will this psu also handle the mx440 or will it cook the psu?
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  1. The MX should be fine on that PSU but why bother neither can do HD!
  2. It's fine, just dont run HD or Blu-Ray or anything higher than 720p because it will lag in some cases since your PC is super old...
  3. yeah, he wants it for his son who wont be doing more with it then playing little kid games and maybe the odd thing on the internet so the graphics will cope. It's onboard can't even do that without lagging or giving errors
  4. lol, good luck with that old PC, soon, it's trash because everything is getting updated and these old computers from year 1990s is most likely trash...
  5. i wonder why you still have that kind of computer, why owning a better or updated pc
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