Foxconn G33M MotherBoard CPU and RAM

Currently have a Dell Inspiron 530 with OEM Foxconn G33M (Not Dell G33M02) and running E8600 Core 2 Duo 3.33Ghz CPU with 4 gb DDR2 800 Mhz RAM (4 1gb sticks).

Will upgrading to Q9650 Core 2 Quad 3 ghz or QX9650 CPU and CORSAIR DDR2 1066Mhz PC-8500 RAM be of any significant performace improvement?

Using primarily for streaming 1080p Video across home network via XBMC and PS3 Media Server runing on a PC from External HDD plugged to USB 3.0 and streaming to PS3, Apple TV and Xbox 360. Plus some photo shop photo editing, no gaming.
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  1. With the processor there will be like 30% of improvement. With the RAM I would upgrade to 8 Gb because of the PS3 server and the Full HD video streaming.

    Good Luck!
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