Strange power failure problem....any ideas
I plugged in my new GPU today and everything worked fine. Then i moved the system upstairs and tried to boot and i got a brief light up and then a stall. This happened a few times before i took the new card out and replaced it with the old one. I still could not power up and sometimes the board would not even begin to start. I immediately assumed the PSU was knakkered at this point so i removed it and got out my tester. The PSU appears to test ok, all the voltages were correct and stable (not loaded tho). This surprised me a bit so i went back and plugged it back in again. Result - booted fine! WTF?

I think tomorrow i will try a load of stop and starts and see what happens with the old GPU installed....then maybe try the new one again. I just can't understand why it would stop and then not power up again until i had tested it without any components attached. Can any of you shed any light or suggest any possibilities to me?

System is i5 25k with 8gb Geil 1333, GPU old is 9800gt and new is 460gtx 2gb. PSU is a relative cheapo...EVO-LABs modular 700W.

Any info or ideas will be very helpful
Thanks ppl.
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  1. My guess - one of the many connectors was not plugged in completely.
  2. Motherboard connections were definitely made and it powered up fine initially so i don't think that is it but thanks.
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