Foxconn G33m Motherboard Max CPU and RAM

OEM Foxconn G33m Motherboard in Dell Inspiron 530 case (not G33M02 (replaced by above)) Currently running E8600 Core 2 Duo 3.33ghz with 4gb DDR2 800 mhz RAM.
Want to upgrade to QX9650 Core 2 Extreme 3 ghz and add 4gb DDR2 1066 Mhz Corsair Ram.

Will there be a significant improvement? I am looking at $240 CPU of ebay and $64 for new ram. $300 total.
Using this PC primarily for streaming 1080p video via XBMC and PS3 Media Server to PS3, Xbox360 & Apple TV and different rooms in the house. via attached External HDD on USB 3.0 And some photoshop.
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  1. Well... in processing there will be like 30% of improvements. In memory very little. Put a least 8 gb for streaming 1080p and using as a server.

    Good Luck!
  2. The maximum RAM you can put on that computer is 8GB.
    The speed difference would be noticable in heavy tasks.
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