If I buy Used w/out OS how do I find the drivers

I need a $150 or less machine to run some long Genetic Algorithm optimizations on without tying up my only computer.

I can get away with a Core 2 Duo w/ 2 Gigs of Ram and seem to be able to find used Dell or Gateway computers on ebay with those specs
and in my price range.

I own a full install copy of Win XP that does not lock to a mother board... I have used it it to build several systems over the years, so I don't want
an OS installed, and especially don't want the other junk software some sellers are installing.

My fear is the drivers. On the machines I have built, I have a driver CD for the motherboard that contains the drivers for the on board video/sound/ethernet.

If I buy one of these old Dells, with no OS and a WIN XP COA sticker, can I use my copy of Win XP? Pretty sure I can, might as well ask.

But then how will I get the onboard video/ethernet/sound working.... won't I need drivers for that... where would I get them?

This is one ebay listing I am considering...
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  1. You can get drivers from the manufacturers website under Support > Downloads. Just need the model number. Also once you install windows XP and get connected to the internet you can have Windows get drivers for you. If that doesn't work get drivers from manufacturers website.
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    You can download specific drivers from Dell.
  3. The machine I am on now has an Asus MB... on installing the OS, I can not connect to the internet or have sound without runningthe CD that came with the Asus MB that has the drivers for the ethernet adapter and the on board sound, so letting windows find drivers may not work... no ethernet enabled = no internet.

    Going to Dell's site was a good suggestion, so I did that and found this page for the computer in the ebay listing above.

    There's a bunch of stuff here, ... I don't have any problem downloading on one machine and installing on the Dell... but it is intimidating.

    I don't want to buy something I can't make work.
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