I5-2320 only running at 1.6Ghz after Mobo change

Hello all,

Recently purchased a Dell Inspirion with an i5-2320 at 3Gz stock. Even checked CPU-Z to confirm.

Just basically rebuilt the whole system (only keeping the cpu and 6gb of memory) and now all of the utilities I use say it's running at 1.6Ghz? (16 x 100 FSB). I remember it being 15 x 200 FSB before the rebuild.

I installed:

Enermax PSU 650W
ASRock Z77 Pro3
Radeon HD 6870

Everything is working fine, but my cpu is reporting a lower (almost HALF) core speed. Any ideas why this might be?

I could easily just bump the FSB to 200 or some derivation of, but I'm unsure about the VCORE as well as the steps to simply overclock the CPU.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. If it is 1.6 gzh idle then it is probably just the intel speed step. My 2500k idles at 1.6 and then under load goes up to 4.5 ghz. If that isnt it I would try clearing the cmos see if that does you any good. Try playing a demanding game or running a benchmark or something to see if the frequency steps up while under load. Alternatively you could go in the bios to see if speed step is enabled.
  2. You're a genius (or I'm just an idiot, one of the two).

    I started Prime95 and it jumped to 3.1GHz. I was like ASRock, you bitches stole my core speed and I paid you $100!

    Thanks man
  3. Glad I could help.
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