Am I crazy... or is there no search function?

I'm looking all over and I don't see a search option anywhere. Am I just not seeing it? In the FAQ it says to search the forums before you ask a question. I'd like to do that but I don't see a forum search function. Do you just have to go through and manually search? That seems crazy so I'm assuming I'm just not seeing it.
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  1. To the right of the big Tom's Hardware logo on the top of the page.
  2. I recommend using Google and adding this filter instead:

    You'll get better results.
  3. Thanks! I feel kind of stupid now. Since it was up near the logo I think I must have just assumed that was for the website and not the forum. It's like my brain totally filtered it out.

    I'll try using google with the filter as well. Thanks guys for answering an apparently obvious question.
  4. Why are being crazy and no search function mutually exclusive? I lost all my Favorites recently, and you don't see people vouching for my sanity!

    (Quick, MouseMonkey, lock the thread before I post again)
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