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Hi i'm in the market for a TV card, but also i want to be able to do high quality recordings from the tv. I also have a digital camcorder that i use through firewire to bring in video into my computer. Is the Hauppauge Win TV PVR a good card? It has a TV tuner which is good plus you can record with the built in MPEG 2 encoder. Tho i doubt the encoder will help with the digi camcorder becasue that is being transfer via firewire.

Anyways is this a good card for TV and recording high quality off of the TV into MPEG? The only editing i would do is to eliminate commercials.

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  1. i bought my card for tv capturing. it's a matrox g400 marvel. it captures to mjpeg which is much better quality than mpeg-2. i used to have an all in wonder and the mpeg-2 from that wasnt even close to mjpeg, but then again the pvr has hardware mpeg2 encoding. i think the mjpeg will give you better captures though.
  2. Thanks, but I already have a video card GeForce 3. So i'm looking for more of an add in card.
  3. get the pvr. hardware mpeg-2 should be decent. depending on how high the bitrate it lets you cap with though
  4. Is mpeg-2 on par with whatever Tivo uses?

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  5. i think that tivo uses mpeg-2 but that is connected direct. dont know how good the pvr is though. get the card and make sure you can return it if you dont like it.
  6. If the Hauppauge card is equal in video quality to a Tivo system then I'm buying one! Other than the drawback of no deluxe remote control, it seems like a PC-based video recording system would be the way to go. The ability to upgrade your hard drive would give you virtually unlimited record time.

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  7. there's a discussion about this card on another forum if you want to have a look. it may prove useful. you may want to change your mind about getting the pvr if this is right.

  8. i went to that other board and well.. I have no idea what they are saying with VBR and other things. On eof the Main selling points for me is that the PVR has a built in TV tuner. That is what I wanted, but i also wanted to be able record things off the turner ever now and then. So this seems like the thing to get.

    Dazzel is just for getting video into a computer if i am not mistaken. So there for I'm still out of a TV turner and I'm not sure if you can record off of a tv tuner with it. Also does dazzel need a PCI slot because as of right now I only have one slot open. I'll have to go invetigate dazzel some more. I've seen it in best buy, but it's like $200 and i've never really pick up the box to look at the specs.
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