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Hello I am new. I have a SMCWBR14S-N4 router and I am in the process of forwarding ports in hope that it will make my gaming experience better. I am trying to forward 2 ports; 88 and 3074. I go to virtual servers to add a rule and it only asks for a private port and a public port. I am guessing this is the start port. Where the space where you input the end port?

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  1. You need two rules, one for each port. The private port is the actual port used by the service on your local network. The public port is the port you expose to the public. By setting up a rule, you’re mapping the external port to the private port. If you want them the same, then public port == private port.
  2. Thank you for replying. I am still confused. would a make a separate rule for the start and the end? I have tried that and it said this rule has already been created.
  3. BTW when i port forward and enter the ip am I supposed to enter the ip of my xbox or the the default gateway I see in cmd.
  4. You have two ports that need forwarding, not a "range" of ports. So I don't know why you keep insisting on the need to define a range of (start and end) ports to forward.

    The service you're trying to make available over the internet uses ports 88 and 3074 on some local machine. But your router is blocking access to those ports. So you need to define a rule for each port. Perhaps what's confusing to you is the term "virtual server". That's just some terminology used by some manufacturer to make it seem more important than it is. It’s just a rule that explains how to map ONE port exposed on the Internet side of your router, to ONE local port on some machine behind your router. That's all it is. Not a range of ports, not both ports w/ one rule, not a range, not a start and end port, just one external port mapped to one internal port.

    Since you have TWO ports that need to be mapped, you need TWO of those rules (i.e., virtual servers) defined for that one service. Again, I think the terminology of ”virtual server” is perhaps confusing you because you’re not really defining all the port mappings for a given service/server using that one virtual server. Just pretend instead of ”virtual server”, it read “define the port forward for a single port here”.

    Let’s assume the IP address of your internal machine (the one w/ the service you’re trying to make available over the Internet) is You would define two rules (virtual servers) as follows:

    IP Address:
    Private Port: 88
    Public Port: 88
    Protocol: Both

    IP Address:
    Private Port: 3074
    Public Port: 3074
    Protocol: Both

    Now both ports are open on the router and each will be forwarded to the device w/ IP address
  5. P.S. If it makes it easier, since the XBOX is a standalone device, instead of port forwarding, you could just put the IP address of the XBOX in the DMZ. The DMZ defines a single local IP address to which any inbound traffic that would otherwise normally be blocked, will be redirected. IOW, for all intents and purposes, it's as if that one local IP address had no firewall, and thus no blocking of its ports.
  6. Ok. Thank you. :p
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