After installing graphic card the screen goes blank

I've recently bought Asus's 210 silent for my dg41wv board, but screen went blank right after i plugged the card on the board and started the computer, Help me please................
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  1. You have your monitor plugged directly into the card and not the video port thats on the motherboard?

    if so... plug your monitor back into the original video port... restart... allow it to start in windows and see if windows sees the card.

    if your BIOS savvy, restart and go directly into bios and see if the bios sees the new card. you may have to configure your bios to see it.
  2. I tried to start the computer after plugging the monitor back to the board's video port but that changes nothing.......
    the screen is still blank
    Can you please tell me how to configure the bios?
    board is Intel's dg41wv
  3. you need that screen to see motherboard... so something else seems to be going on.

    have you got another monitor to maybe plug in and see if you are having monitor issues?
  4. Plug the video cable into the card, not the board.
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