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Digital storm aventum case

I have been looking for full tower cases recently because i am starting on building my own liquid cooling set up and my mid tower is too small. i came across the digital storm website and i saw their Aventum case and i absolutely love it. it is exactly what i am looking for. i contacted them about buying the case separately but they do not sell just cases. i was wondering if anyone knows of a case similar to this one or if they have the actual case for sale. thank you for reading my post.
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  1. Looks like this.

  2. What about this one... Lots of room, looks great, decent price.

  3. i thought about the 800D but im not sure if i want to spend like 250 bucks on a case just yet but i think i am going to end up buying it.
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    Any custom case cost ~$300+.

    Its not worth to make a small cases. There would be no profit.
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  6. Good luck!
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