Instead of a case with 10 case fans, how about a case & one floor fan?

Hello guys..

I'm searching for a good case for sometime in my local market and I cant find what I'm looking for, So I just had a crazy idea..

I'm thinking of getting a case with no fans, and modding it so I would implant a box fan in the side panel.

I had a couple of fans in my current old case, but they were defected after my mobo died.. I just got a new mobo and now I'm using a single box fan to air up the components, and no case fans, till I get a a new case..

Forget dust and noise.. What do you think about this temperaturewise?.. Anyone tried putting a floor fan in front of the case and observed temp?
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  1. Well, it moves air so it will keep the case ventilated but it would be extremely loud. A gas leaf blower would move more air, so if you want to ignore noise why not use one of those?
  2. A friend of mine do it with the normal floor fan on the side of the case and the cooling is quite good coz floor fan have much better speed and flow rate.

    If u r using box cpu cooler, which draw the air towards cpu, it shouldn't be a problem but if u r using after market tower cooler with the fan attached to the side, there will be turbulence and effect the CPU cooling.

    If noise and dust are not an issue, you are using box CPU cooler and have enough space on the side of the casing, go for it.
  3. lol one time at a lan party...
    Seriously, I use to have these lan parties for my birthday, and I built 3-4 basic game systems that could 'game' for my friends who didn't have rigs to play with. Well, the problem was that these rigs were slim desktops, which had poor ventelation, so after a few hours of heavy gaming (UT2K4 at the time) when the basement would start getting a bit warm, the little things would overheat and have all sorts of fun issues (psychodelic colors, game glitches like weapons/buildings/characters disapearing, etc.)
    Solution: pop the top off, and throw a box fan on there. noisy, but very effective. It just took a minute to get the parts back down to normal temps, and then they would work fine the rest of the night.

    The obvious down sides: It is noisy, ugly, pushes a ton of dust inside, and has a tendancy to fall off at the least opportune moment. This is not an elegant long term solution.

    Real solutions: Find cases that will take 120-140mm fans, or other mondo sized fan units. These are fairly easy to find these days, and while not super popular, they are not much more expensive than other cases that are still stuck on useless 80mm fans.
    Look into aftermarket heat sinks. They do not have to be expensive to be effective. The $30-40 Hyper 212 +/Evo is an excellent cooler while being cheap. GPUs are a little harder to find good coolers for, but even then $60-90 can get you something that will properly cool a 580, while often being much quieter than stock fans.
    Computer parts are not really meant to run in an environment that is over 80*f, so if you live in an warm climate then it is time to break out the AC or swamp cooler to knock that ambient temperature down a little. Obviously, do not put it near a heat source, in an enclosed space, or in direct sunlight as those can also cause issues.

    Just remember, it is not about mass airflow; It is about air exchange over the parts that need it. A lack of fresh air coming in (such as recycling hot air), or an inability to remove warm air from an important area (like dead spots that can arise under a GPU) can cause a ton of issues when everything would otherwise work just fine. A box fan is like a shotgun, when sometimes a properly utilized BB gun would do the trick.
  4. Thank you guys for ur responses..

    The thing is that I'm a handy person.. I think outside the box and mod everything, I even build stuff from scratch.. I built a 720p projector using an old LCD.. I'm building a water cooling system for CPU and GPU.. and I was going to build the case usingparts from my old case but I decided to get a new one because I don't have the time right now to spend making the outside look cool.

    There were a few reasons made me think of this idea..
    1. the cost of a single 12v 800rpm 200mm case fan is the same as a single 320mm god-knows- how-many rpm 220v fan. ( new one for $20)
    2. I can fabricate a dust filter for this fan, plus the fan's noise is not that loud.. and I can lower the speed (lower than the fan's setting 1) till I get a decent noise, and good air flow.
    3. With some craftsmanship, I can make this look very cool (I think).
  5. well if you are a modder why not just get a case you like the look of, embed a small automotive radiator in the side panel, slap a few large case fans on it, and then set up your WC loop? If done right it will look pretty cool, have plenty of heat disipation area, and be quite silent.
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