Can you tell me what's up guys?

Hello, since yesterday, I can't open

It is the North american version of the tom's hardware forum in the Graphics and Display section, I used to stay there from before, but since yesterday, When I try to open that link, the URL suddenly go to

I don't mind that I am in UK forum, but the right top corner is not working and therefore I can't see when people answers my post, and by far it is the only problem I'm facing.

I have tried anything I probably should try, like typing the URL by copy pasting, Different browser, Different system, Even Different section. But no avail.

Is it that the being maintenance'd or something by the tom's hardware operators?

Or this is just occurring on me? What should I do then?

And moderators, please check If I am writing on the right section. If no, please move this thread and tell me :), Please apologize if I do because I think this is the third thread I am starting.

Again thanks guys for looking here :) you people who are trying to help me is very good :).
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More about what guys
  1. can't help but the link is working fine for me...
  2. Link directs me properly as well... are you signed in when you click that link? Maybe your default location got changed to UK somehow...
  3. Sure guys? That is strange... I will do something come back and see what happens...
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  5. any help? It doesn't open still...
  6. Did you try clearing your browser's cache files?
    Try an alternate web browser? ( like Chrome)
  7. I'm currently using Chrome and I'll see what happens after clearing cache, thanks :).

    Sadly, still it doesn't work. I think it has to do something with my address because Even I logged in or not logged in, I will still go to the UK version and even I used different system. I thought first it was SOPA and PIPA demonstration but since other can open it and work well I guess it has something to do with my address. Any help guys? By I mean suddenly when I open the link, it doesn't open to the north american ones, but straight it opens the UK one. Really really odd.
  8. Still, not able to, any more suggestion guys?
  9. Can you renew your IP address?
  10. Thanks... But doesn't work mate, And also I can't open North american threads because of this issue... Looking forward to your suggestions.

  11. Have you tried editing your Hosts file?

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    Please check your PMs.
  13. Thanks saga lout and randomizer :). It works now. Thanks very very much guys.
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  15. I'm suffering the same problem of being sent from the US site to the UK site with the following sections:
    CPU & Components
    Motherboards & Memory
    Graphics & Displays
    Site Bug Reports

    Strangely, the Windows 8 and Windows 7 sections work just fine. Please share the solution to this problem. I'm using Google Chrome 16.0.912.75, cleared the browsing data already and logged on and off from the TH forums several times.

  16. Rather than messing with your Hosts file, it may work if you add to your Restricted Sites zone in IE, thus preventing yourself from being taken there when you want to go to

  17. I'm not using IE, but Google Chrome. While blocking the UK site might work, it doesn't help because I have posted on both the UK and US sites. Well, I'll give it a go and see what happens.
  18. I sent you a PM with the solution as well.
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