Hyper212 evo in an Antec 900v2 case?


I have an Antec 900 v2 case that I used for my last build, which is now mostly dead. I'm looking around for new parts including a cpu cooler for the new FX-6200 I plan on getting. I would really like to know if the Hyper 212 evo will fit in my case, as i have never really seen anyone confirm it. I have a Asus sabertooth 990fx mobo if that would matter.

Any help would be a appreciated, thanks guys.
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  1. I've had an Antec 900 case and I think it is a fairly wide case so my "assumption" would be that it should fit.

    Maybe have a look at all the dimensions like width of the case and height of the EVO.
  2. The 212+ fits nicely in my Antec 300 so logically, the 212EVO which is almost exactly the same size should fit nicely in Antec's higher-end 900.

    Width of the case is not a good measurement since this does not account for the space used for cable-management behind the motherboard. What is needed is clearance from motherboard to side-panel. The 900 should not be any narrower than the 300 there.
  3. I just built my first computer

    I have an intel I7 4770 with a Hyper212 evo in a Antec 900v2 case

    it fits fine but its tight and you can't add the side fan


    My temps are 78F - 105F but have not put a huge load on the system yet only used Photoshop for a few hours

    Hoping to run a game or something this week to put a load on the system or render a HD video
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