Problems with secondary display

I bought a new computer and install 2 os ( 7 and xp pro )
After some tests I notice that the secondary display on Clone mode have a single horizontal stripe ( it always on the secondary display).
When I'm using just 1 monitor dvi or hdmi (from onboard) in separate all is good
But when I'm using clone mode the secondary output gets that horizontal stripe.
Another problem is :
When I'm using 1 screen and turn off the comp then I connect another screen and boot up the computer, the screen picture is distorted and I can't see a thing just lines and colors, I need to configure clone mode when the computer is on and then I can regular boot up without problem accept the strip problem that is still there….. ( :
I replace the mobo and still the same problem
I install new os ( win7 ) on deferent hdd and still the same problem
I run the test from xp and from win7 and had the same problem…..
I update the bios and download the latest drivers
I test it with lcd monitor and tv screen and with 2 lcd monitors
i suspect the cpu but everybody say is really rear that the problem is from the cpu
please help ……………………………………… :bounce:
"Asus p8z68 –v –pro
thermaltake toughpower xt 650w w0227ru
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
i7 2600k"
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  1. recently I change the cpu ( with the same parameters ) but I still have the same problem above
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