New Build $1000-$1500 for Office/Statistics

Looking for advice on a new build. It has been almost 3 years since I built a new system. I'm moving into a new office and figure it's time for something new rather than dismantle my home workstation and move it. Template is pasted below, but here are the keys for me:
1. I am a statistician and use Stata which hogs ram. 16gb is my minimum (although I'd prefer 32 if there are stable matched sets out there that are affordable).
2. A quad core processor is needed for my Stata software, but I don't need the cutting edge processor, so I'm leaning toward the Core i5 2500k.
2. I am not a gamer, so the extent of my video demands will be viewing HD video over the Internet (no editing, etc.).

Approximate Purchase Date: 1-2 weeks

Budget Range: 1000-1500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Statistical analysis, MS Office products, surfing

Parts Not Required: None--need complete build

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I love NewEgg

Country: U.S.A.

Parts Preferences: I'm open minded.

Overclocking: Maybe a tad, but not necessary.

SLI or Crossfire: Probably don't need it.

Monitor Resolution: I'm used to dual 24" monitors, but I'm open.

Additional Comments: See above. Thanks for all of your help!!!
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    Check out my $850 build
    You obviously don't need the 7850 I suggest in my build so just take that out of the equation and just switch it for an SSD instead.
    This'll boot Windows much faster and open your apps as well.

    You can get this card to run your dual-monitor setup.

    RAM, 8GB is plenty but if you want you can go the 16GB route you chose. Just do 2 of the same 8GB kit. I don't think you'll need that much though since even crazy photo editors like me with huge panos do fine with 8GB.
  2. Do you also need mouse keyboard os monitor speakers.

    For 1000 usd i would suggest

    intel i7 3820
    asrock x79 extreme4
    corsair vengence 4x8 gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram
    cm hyper 212 evo
    crucial m4 128gb
    wd carvier blue 500gb
    seasonic 350w 80+ bronze
    asus hd 5450
    asus 24x dvd writer
    cm haf 912

    this would go a bit above $1000 but is worth it.

    Also if you want keyboard and mouse.


    logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

    For monitor its personal preference.

    The hd 5450 can be connected upto 3 monitors.

    Good luck for your job and have a nice day :bounce:

  3. Thanks much!

    Couple of things...

    In terms of RAM, I really do need 16GB. I work with medical claims data. STATA is fast because it loads the entire dataset that it is working on into RAM, if your dataset exceeds your available RAM, then it works off of virtual memory and crawls. I haven't had to work with a file over say 12GB, so 16GB is about right (although I'd like the mobo to be able to handle 32GB when it is fast, reliable out-of-the-box and cheap enough--let me know if we are already there).

    In terms of CPU, I'm leaning toward the i5 2500K--do I get much more for the extra $80 going to the i7?

    Mobo I'm a little fuzzy on the best choice

    In my budget I do need a little room for keyboard, mouse, speakers.

    My current build used CoolerMaster case and I've always loved it.
  4. well that depends on whether stata can take advantage of the hyperthreading that the i7 provides. if it can then i7 would be the better choice, although i don't know whether stata is hyperthreaded or not. that is something you'll have to look into.

    and if you're going for i5 2500 or i7 2600 then a z68 board will do for both. something from asus would do just fine, like the ASUS P8Z68-V LE.

    and it sounds to me that you don't even need a graphics card. the integrated graphics on the i7 chip should be able to play HD youtube content fine, although if that's wrong, someone call me out on that :P
  5. My Stata version is a "multi-processor" version that uses 4 cores or threads (my understanding is that they are treated the same). I suppose if I'm running it using quad cores, it probably wouldn't hurt to have >4 if I'm multitasking (I'm not sure about this though).

    Does integrated graphic support 2 monitors?
  6. Ahhh my bad you don't need a graphics card actually. The integrated graphics is fine.

    But as for serial suggesting the Asrock X79 Extreme4 and the i7 3820, that's beyond needed and not worth how much the cost is. A i5 2500K is fine, It's not that bad and I'm sure that it'll do calculations just fine. It's done a great job with my PS5 at least. If it's not enough power for you, you can always overclock the i5 2500K so that's another thing.

    Oh and the i5 2500K has 4 threads and 4 cores so you're pretty set on that with your Stata version.
  7. Ok, so I'm realizing my budget is tighter than I thought. So I'm going to go with:

    i5 2500K
    And need to decide between the:
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA

    I'm going to use the onboard video (again I won't be gaming or editing video).
    Is it true that the ASRock mobo doesn't fit well into most cases?
  8. Go with the Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 and no it's false it'll fit just fine. The Extreme3 gives you PCI 3.0 but also support for Ivy Bridge as most boards will and will allow for future Crossfire SLI @ 8x/8x.
  9. Thoughts on the current build here:
  10. Go with the i5 2500K not the i5 2500, you want the K to overclock, you're already paying this much might as well get the overclocking version.

    This PSU is plenty of power for you. Specially since you'll be using integrated and not a dedicated card.
  11. Regarding PSU, I do want to leave open the possibility of a GPU card later, will this wattage still be adequate?

    Also, two final notes:
    1. I may take another look at the case, I like CM products, but might want something more conservative looking for the office, thoughts on alternatives?

    2. Do I need Win 7 (64-bit) Ultimate or just Pro?

  12. a windows 7 pro is more than enough. only if you need language packs then only get ultimate other than that ultimate is more of a bit useless and overkill.

    for cm better take look at

    cm storm series and haf series

    also their is cosmos series which is some what uber series which is costly.

    other than that you should look for corsair if you prefer stability and nice features.

    also nxzt is good for its price but they make flimsy cases which lack in quality what cooler master and corsair keeps upto.

    for corsair series

    the carbide series and the obsidian series is what you should look into.

    lets get it simple.

    cm haf 912 and corsair 300r are low end cases but with a good quality material except for 300r which is flimsy.

    if you want a very low price quality case which is durable as hell then cm is the better choice.

    if you are willing to pay more then check out the 500r and 600T as well as 550D 650 D.

    for cm storm sniper and tropper are your best bet with removable dust filters adn a handle which take their pc to lan party and have the fan controler.

    the haf x and haf 932 are nearly same just the difference between having dust filters and the side panel make a big price difference.

    the last thing i would like to say that cases , monitors and keyboard mouse are personal preference.

    so the suggestion are upto us but you will have to diside what should you buy.

    also check out the silverstone and antec cases and the roswel thor and chalanger cases which are really good for its price.

    always to help

  13. I'd have to disagree with the flimsy thing about NZXT. I've heard although they don't use as much steel as other companies. NZXT's cases are just as good. The 600T is definitely overpriced on Corsair's part.

    1. Conservative, you may want to look here at Fractal:
    Fractal isn't new to the game, only in the US. Their cases are pretty solid, silent most reviews point out which would be perfect for an office environment.

    Lian-Li's nice too. Though it's fairly expensive they use aluminum which is makes it expensive. Cases are nice for an office environment though.

    2. Pro is fine.

    For the power supply. Yes it will be fine for a future card. I'm referring to even the CX430. Save some money there. I'd suggest it.
  14. Well, after browsing lots of cases, I'm realizing that I'm a sucker for black interiors and cable management systems.

    So far I'm liking Corsair Carbides and the Fractals. The 600T is quite pricey, but it's sweet.
  15. You may want to look at the Fractals then. They're super sleek, no doubt the corsairs are either but I find the Fractals fit minimalism of an office well. My opinion doe.
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