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590 enough for 5040x1050 120hz?

I'm looking at running 3x Viewsonic VX2268WM @ 2D 120hz. I've been burnt in the past using the Accel DP>DL-DVI adapter and would prefer to find a card that naturally supports 3x DL-DVI output. That pretty much limits me to the 560ti 2win, or the EVGA 590 Classified.

I could probably swing 2x of the 2wins for quad-SLI but I can only imagine how dicey support gets in a setup like that, not to mention it's limit of 1GB VRAM concerns me at these resolutions.

So, will the 590 work at reasonable settings?
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  1. probably... depends on the game, and what you call decent. i doubt you are going to get anywhere near 120 fps at decent settings though. See here for battlefield 3 at 5760x1080.,3104-7.html

    The thing is the 7970 is in a dead heat (without the "free" 15% overclock you can get at stock voltage) with it for about every test, its actually a single GPU, not SLI on one card, and its a hell of a lot cheaper.I also understand active display port adapters are supposed to be in the box with them. And you can crossfire more in later, still a lot cheaper then a 590. Driver updates will probably push its performance higher
  2. yeah my sapphire 7970 came with an active mini dp to dvi adapter.
  3. The problem is the 7970 is 2x minidp and only 1 DL-DVI. It'd require 2x dp>DL-DVI adapters, it only ships with mdp/hdmi > single link DVI adapters. These things run $100 bucks a pop, and having already had flickering issues with one, I'm hesitant to go that route again.

    I dunno, maybe I'll just opt for the Samsung s23a750d x2 (120hz @ dp), and one s23a700d (120hz @ dl-dvi). I really didn't want to go the 1920x1080 route though.

    I do like 7970 I'm just sick of AMDs love affair with displayport.
  4. are you dead set on 120Hz? I ask because. well. you aren't going to get near that FPS at that Res with out low settings. Anyway... This sapphire
    comes with mini display port to DVI and HDMI to DVI adapters. So there's you're 3 DVI. The HDMI port is capable of 120Hz but both adapters are single link so can't handle it from my understanding. I don't get 120Hz being any good except for 3D and at that Res I don't see it happening anyway. I'd just get 3 1080 60Hz monitors. just my 2 cents.

    Alternatively there may be HDMI to dual link DVI adapters for cheaper than display port adapters. to save a little on one. and even buying. 2 active dual link display adapters and a 7970 is the same cost as a 590. I'd rather put the 200 bucks towards monitors than adapters like you suggested though.

    Edit: I have poor reading skills apparently. also been up for two days. LOL. disregard my adapter ramble. Although I stand by my "120hz is unnecessary" bit. at least for me.
  5. At that resolution your going to need all the VRAM you can get.Which makes the 7970 look really good for that.But just know theirs no way your going to get 120fps with high end games.

    I suggest waiting to see what Nvidia offers with their new line of cards.It may be something better than the 7970 and at the very least I'm sure prices will drop.
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    Speaking from experience, I have the GTX590 on 3 Alienware 120Hz monitors. You don't need any adapters for your monitors and you can easily do for example Skyrim at 5760 x 1080 in full 3D if you like with no performance problems. Just be prepared to dodge butterflys and spider webs until you get used to the effect. Performance is not an issue for pretty much anything you throw at it plus from what I hear driver and 3D support is generally better than AMD. I have not had any issues other than some games when they first came out like BF3 and Skyrim did not have the correct FOV on 3 screens. I had to run a small FOV fix on Skyrim to fix the field of view so that it surrounds you correctly and your menus are scaled right. That works really well.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the OP trying to do 2D at 120hz not 3D?
  8. Yep, 2d, so he should be fine, the 1.5gb vram, might hurt him in some games if he likes AA and HQ textures, but it's doable. He wont get 120fps all the time tho, takes a lot of power for that and some games don't scale so well with sli.
  9. Well I really suggest going for a 7950 crossfire or wait until prices drop for the 7970.That's such a large resolution even a 1.5GB will be maxed.
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