Computer crashing - help!

I need some help. I consider myself a pretty computer savvy person but I can't figure out why my computer keeps crashing. I've had this computer for about 2 years or so and it just started giving me problems about a month ago.

First, specs:

CPU: Intel E8400 3.0 Ghz (not overclocked) with a fat Thermaltake heatsink
GPU: 2x GeForce GTX 260 SLI
Memory: 4 GB OCZ Memory
Audio: Auzentech X-Fi Forte

I have it all in a CM690 case loaded with fans. I monitor my temperatures regularly and I'm 99% sure its not a temp issue.

First, it was only crashing during games. Typically the crash causes the screen to go black or some other solid color and if there is any audio playing during the crash it continues to stutter until I reset the computer.

I thought it had to be one of my gfx cards failing so I took one out and was just running 1 card for a while. When I did this, I reseated all the components on the mobo and noticed that my sound card was a little loose. Things were running great and I started to wonder if maybe it was just the sound card causing the problem so I went ahead and put in my other GPU again.

After rebooting, I was watching something with VLC media player and the computer crashed as it did before. I thought this was a sure sign that the 2nd GPU was indeed the problem, so I removed it once again.

I rebooted with only 1 GPU and continued to watch my show with VLC and to my surprise, it crashed again. Purple screen and stutter. So now I'm not sure what the problem is and I'm not sure how to figure it out.

If anyone can help me diagnose the problem I would be most grateful
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  1. You mentioned that you took out one of the cards, did you try taking out the other one?
    Are the cards overclocked? It also might be a driver issue... Have you tried any other drivers?
  2. My mobo does not have onboard graphics so I have to have at least one of my GPU's in. The GPU's are not overclocked and I'm using the latest nVidia driver: 296.10

    BTW, I'm running everything off a Corsair 750W PSU. It has worked great for years so I'm pretty sure it's not a power problem.
  3. If it happens with each 260 then I doubt its a problem with your GPU, to me it really sounds like a driver crash but idk what would cause that especially because you didn't overclock. Did it happen before you updated to 296.10?
  4. Since posting this message my computer has crashed 4 or 5 times. I've swapped GPUs around and that doesnt seem to matter. I'm starting to think it may be a result of ESD damage. Sometimes when I restart my computer it doesn't recognize my USB wireless adapter and I have to replug it. When plugging it back in sometimes the computer freezes.

    Just a minute ago this happened and all I did was touch the front of the case and I felt a slight shock and it crashed again.

    It's really frustrating. I'm about to the point of scrapping this entire computer and buying a whole new one.
  5. It's going crazy now. I'm lucky to even get into Windows without crashing.
  6. Try cleaning out your board and re-inserting the RAM or replacing them with new pairs.

    May be your RAM may be the cause for this problem as its after all 2 years.

    Try using one gpu for sometime and then using the another one singly for sometime.It will give you an idea that both the gpu's are really fine or not.

    Make sure that you don't have any virus infected folder/file/program/software which is causing this problem because it is a problem about a month ago.

    If nothing works then you need to install the windows again.
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