New Build power button issue

Received the parts on Wednesday for a new build I'm doing to replace the dead computer I got help troubleshooting last week over in Prebuilt.

Put the system together except for the HD and DVD burner, then tried to power it on.
Nothing, no beeps, no lights, dead.
Unhook the power supply from new case and plug it into my old case via an extension. Old case powers up to bios.
Hooked the power supply back into new case and ran the power sw button wires from my old case to the new case and replaced the power sw wires there.
Pressed power on my old case, new case starts up, enters UEFI setup. Processor holding at 32c with stock fan/thermal tape, everything looks good. Test reset button, works, power LED works. HDD activity and USB not checked yet.

I'm going to take the front panel off and see if I can find out what the issue is with this power switch wiring on the new case, but should that fail... I have to:

Delay the build, take everything apart and send the case back to newegg for return(purchased 3/29/2012)
Switch the reset and power wires and lose the power button.
Try to fix the power button/wiring(not sure how difficult that would be to do?)

CoolerMaster 912 HAF is the case if anyone has had similar problems with the front panel?

Removed front panel, pressing the button underneath the button still results in no power.
Swapped reset for power, reset button able to power the system just fine.
Starting to look into where the power button connects to its wires, but its a rather tiny area.
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    Contact manufacturer, they should send you a new P.button, might just be a wibble in the wire :)
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  3. Sent an email to Cooler Master as their live chat was down. Waited a day with no response, then went to live chat with newegg which is 24/7 and they approved the refund immediately. Went with refund/buy new instead of replace because it means I get the case in 2 days instead of 10. Cost me $8 extra in shipping though for the new case where replacement would have been free.

    Its now almost 2 days later and still no response from Cooler Master(though I know its a weekend...), although a moot point as the RMA is done and the case is being dropped at a UPS location tommorow.

    I guess Cooler Master just doesn't work weekends.
  4. Do you guys celebrate Easter? a lot of places here are funny over that period too
    Glad you got sorted though and thank you for B.a.
  5. We do, however in the era of modern corporations, I figured no one celebrated holidays anymore. Was not upset with Cooler Master or anything, just faster to get the replacement case from Newegg.
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