NVDIA GE Force 8400 GT

Hello All,

System Specs - Desktop, Packard Bell, I_Start, Motherboard GA-T671 mg, Intel Core Duo, 2GB DDR2 533 RAM, 500W PSU, SATA HDD, DVD R+W Drive.

I recently purchased a NVDIA GEForce 8400 GT Graphics Card, PCI E 2. I can install it ok, with all the latest drivers, once I install the drivers and reboot the machine, it works just fine, but cannot see a thing on screen, I can see normal stuff like windows bootup but cannot see after BIOS and memeory check.

I tried replacing PSU with higher one, reinstalled vista, disabled AND DELETED AND REMOVED (SEVERAL TIME, WITH EACH OF THEM OPTIONS SEPERATELY AND COMBINED) the default video card drivers, still the probleme persists.

The Graphics Card installed drivers fine but when reboots nothing can be seen on the scree, but if I just insert the card and connect the monintor its fine, but not when I install the drivers after inserting the card.

Any ideas thoughts suggesstions are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Sounds like a driver issue to me.

    The PSU isn't the issue because even the stock PSU that came with your PC would work with a 8400GT.

    You are connecting the monitor to the graphics card right? And not the motherboard.

    Try going into the BIOS and disabling the onboard video chip or selecting the video input as the PCI slot.
  2. Will do that, and let you know either way.

    Thanks a lot

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