What configuration I need for 3D rendering PC


Currently using Core 2duo 1.86 ghz processor and 2 gb ddr2 ram with PCI express 800 graphic card
I want to know what configuration I need for 3D scene rendering purpose like for MAYA and MAX s/w
My current configuration takes time to render, As a learned it was good speed but I am looking for professional work now
I can't afford High price but looking for decent system with good speed in my budget
so tell me what configuration I need?
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  1. Try replacing your system with the one listed below:-

    CPU :- Core 2 duo clocked between 2.8GHz to 3.4GHz
    RAM :-4GB DDR3
    GPU :-Nvidia card according to your budget(Get a card with 256bit interface which will be best for your work)
    Motherboard :- A decent one around 70$-100$.
  2. thanks aviral its a great help..everything is low that's I know know why rendering is slow graphic card is 128bit pci express *16
  3. What's your budget? and what are your preferred websites for buying parts?
  4. Please read the sticky at top of the forum and edit your post.
  5. vish22 said:
    thanks aviral its a great help..everything is low that's I know know why rendering is slow graphic card is 128bit pci express *16

    Oh! I am really satisfied that I was a great help to you.

    I forgot to add that using Nvidia graphic card is far better than AMD graphics card while 3D rendering because of CUDA technology.
  6. @JuanB Well what config I mentioned here, I was thinking to just upgrade somethings like RAM and motherboard this time
    as RAM is 2 GB and I can use max 4 GB in it.. and for motherboard some devices like mouse doing problem, I have to reattach it as it stops working after few hours

    Last Year Due to sparking in main supply wire,I lost my graphic cards one socket but luckily I have another to attach my monitor
    hmm sometimes it looses the connection and says disk error when I starts my PC but its not regular..I do cleaning and makes sure that all wires are firmly connected
    then in 1 or 2 chances it starts working properly
    (after all writing from same PC :))
    So I was thinking may be Motherboard is showing problem and if I need to change my Motherboard then I should go for new CPU and DDR3 RAM at least.
    My cabinet is broken from front too so looking to change cabinet first,

    I use to purchase from shops..first time thinking to purchase from flipkart.com as amazon charges for home delivery and here they will export it so it will be very costly.
    If you know any reliable and cheap website for India then please let me know

    @aviral.. my graphic card is Nvidia geforce and that time vendor suggested me its good enough for study purposr

    Thanks to all of you
  7. If its Nvidia Geforce then it is fine but now these graphic cards are having more then purpose serving bases now a days.
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