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Hey ya'll,

This is my first post here and I just have a quick question. I picked up a CM 200mm red LED exhaust fan from Micro Center today to go along with my CM Storm Trooper case. It came with a 4 pin power cable split with the regular 2 pin fan connection. I was wondering if I should install the fan with this power connection and the 2 pin connector instead of just straight into my case with the 2 pin like the original one was..??

Any suggestions? Please and thank you.
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  1. Figured it out. Trial and error is always a good way to go for something like this. The cable that the original fan was plugged into was part of the case's fan controller. So if I wanted to control the speed of the fan I can do it that way. On the flip side, when I lower the speed the red LEDs start to flicker a little bit. Assuming that's because the fan isn't getting as much power. I went ahead and connected it through the power cable as I did with my other exhaust fan and it works great.
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