I5 2400 Or AMD FX

I want build a machine which will be used for Music production softwares like Nuendo, cubase ,sampled library ,photoshop ,After Effect ,3dmax, and little bit of gaming ......I am confused whether to go with Amd fx or i5 2400 budget is $400 plz help .
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  1. go intel i5 for after effect
  2. the budget for what is $400? The entire computer?

    If those are teh 2 choices, I'd go with the intel
  3. intel
  4. well, i think the intel is stronger than the AMD, but i have an AMD FX 8-core and it's a monster (when compared to the $150 i paid), plus, ive been able to use cryengine's sandbox without issues and blender 3d as well. If you are on a tight budget get FX. also you should take in consideration what kind of socket for CPU you have
  5. yeah budget is $480 for i5 2400 ,Intel H67BL mobo , corsair 4gb ,500 gb HDD, DVD-R , cabinet.. that's all .
  6. better to go with i5 2500k...
  7. I am not planning to OC so not 2500k .
  8. so ... get i5 2400
  9. Thanks .. i will go with i5 2400 intel H67BL mobo ,corsair 4Gb , 1tb HDD :D
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