Corsair Carbide 500R or Thermaltake Armor Revo

I've been looking for a new chassis to replace my aging CM Storm Sniper. For a while, I just couldn't find a case that matches it in airflow and fit in the same space as the Sniper.

Recently both the Thermaltake Armor Revo and the Carbide 500R became available in my country. I have read many reviews on both cases but I'm still a bit torn between the two enclosures. So, I decided to leave it to TH's community to help me make the choice.

There're a few things I want to confirm first:

1) There no official statement from Corsair about the maximum CPU cooler height. I have a V6GT and I'm worried that it might conflict with the side panel fan. The only data I could find was in Anandtech's review

2) One of the guys commenting on the review mentioned that the side panel was pressing against the HDD cables. If anyone of the TH community has a personal experience with the case, please confirm or deny that.

3) The cable management space is another thing that concerns me. Again, I'll need personal experience be the judge to that.

Corsair 500R:

Thermaltake Armor Revo:
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  1. my vote goes to 500r.another good option is nzxt phantom.
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    1. I had a Venomous X in mine, its 160mm high, the V6GT is 165mm high, I had no issues.

    2. Depends how many cables you have and how you can arrange them. I don't have a modular psu, although it would be easier if I did but the case handles my many cabled Corsait TX750 ok. Yes it takes some time to arrange them properly and it has cable tie brackets that help but plenty of room. I have found if you slide the HDD cable up and under the HDD chassis it works a bit better.

    3. Think I just answerd that. :D

    I'm very impressed with the 500R, having now installed a H100 cooler and messed around with the fan set up its cooler than ever.

    I'm thinking of upgrading the 2 front intake fans as they don't shift a huge amount of air but I am talking about a seriously OC'ed setup.

    Hope this helps.
  3. 500R as well.
  4. Thank you for your fast response. TH's community members are the best.

    However, The first thing that was deterring me from buying the Thermaltake case was the size. After I saw it in person at the hardware store. I knew it was smaller than my current Storm Sniper and would fit under my desk with no problems. This case also has better airflow than the 500R thanks to the three 200mm fans. Lastly, the Armor Revo has more space between the PSU and the HDD cage. No matter how I approached this, the Armor Revo just seemed like a superior case. That's with the exception of the feet of course.
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