Xfire 2x HD5850 on P7P55D Mainboard, 700V bquiet possible?

Hi all,

after reading the crossfire FAQ, I still wanted to be sure that i can run two 5850's on my individual configeration:

Mainboard: P7P55D 1,33MHZ
CPU: Intel i5 @ 2.67ghz
GPU: 5850 icooler V
700V beQuiet

I mainly play BF3 and i want to get at least some 5-10% performance boost to enable MSAA. As far as i researched, BF3 supports crossfire pretty well, doesn't it? I chose crossfire over a new card because of the price (100 € compared to >400 €).

I was wondering whether each P7P55D mainboard (it was pard of a gaming pc i bought some 2 years ago) has enough space for two 5850 without any fancy cooling customisations etc.?

Which crossfire cable(s) do you recommend?

thank you in advance!
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  1. You were wondering if you board has enough space for 2 video cards?

    Crossfire cables??

    700V bequiet???

    What are you talking about?
  2. yes, thats what i wondered. But i am pretty sure it has, since there is a lot of space beneath my first card.

    Crossfire cable = crossfire bridge. Should i really buy two? I read different opinions on that!

    "be quiet!" is my power units brand name, it has 700 volt.

    no need to be rude =/
  3. Nobody?
  4. push...
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