A few first time builder questions


There is the build I'm looking at getting. I had a few questions before i sent in the order.

First, is it worth the extra $20 for the Caviar Black with a 32MB Cache rather than the Caviar Blue with a 16MB Cache?

Second, I want to run the Intel Smart Response with my SSD but i wanted to make sure I could install Windows on it and still have it run the Smart Response? Also, should I get the 120GB or could i get away with getting a 64GB?

Also, should I get the GeForce GTX 560 or the AMD Radeon HD 6870?

Finally I wanted to know if i should go with a Professional, Ultimate or just the Home version of Windows 7? Finally is the SP1 the right package to get?

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  1. Nice coupons!

    In my opinion, Caviar black is not worth it. Yes it is slightly faster, but you have an SSD so that doesn't really matter.

    You want 120gb+ on the SSD if you are installing windows there. They fill up fast - I only have a couple games on my 128 Crucial M4. (EDIT FULL DISCLAIMER: all the other programs are on a caviar black ... so maybe I should eat my words above?) Not sure about smart response, but I think you might have to choose one or the other with smart response...

    Get an OEM copy of windows 7 home for ~$80-90. There isn't really much more of use in the other versions. Get whatever is newest, but it upgrades anyway.

    Antec 30% is a good choice for a budget build. I have a 300 Illusion and it cools well.

    You can get cheaper ram, there is no way you are overclocking high enough to take advantage of 1866. 1600 is plenty. I have the cas 8 gskill ripjaw set and they work well.

    No real need for the bigger PSU, but it certainly cant hurt. More importantly, I do recommend the highest efficiency you can afford among Seasonic (the best), Corsair or Antec.
  2. I see that the ram you suggested is $10 cheaper but it is 1600 instead of 1866, so im not sure if I would really see that much of any effect but i assumed the 1866 would be better.

    The PSU looks awesome except its not modular and I dont really think i need the 750watt so would you still suggest the 650 watt version?

    And the GPU looks amazing!
  3. If you want the modular, yeah, get that one. I was only trying to shave a few here and there to get your that GPU.
  4. You only need a good 500 watt PSU for an i5 and a GTX560. I'd recommend a Corsair TX650V2 if I knew I was not going to SLI or XF two video cards. The 650 only has 2 PCI power plugs, so you will not have many cables left over if you do not use a modular PSU.

    The TX650V2 (built by Seasonic) is a newer design than the HX650.

    Because this is your first build, look at the following threads while you are waiting for your parts.
    Build it yourself:

    And although this primarily a troubleshooting thread, the first part contains a checklist that will catch most noob mistakes:
  5. Good Luck!
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