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Hello all I "think" I am not getting the performance out of my SLI 570's that I should be. In wow on high setting I get major graphics lag while doing 25 man raids. I have to put WoW graphics on low and medium to try and raid... Other games perform bad for me too... SWTOR I could not do 16 man raids without hitting 20 fps... I get great fps out in the middle of nowhere.. but as soon as theres stuff going on my screen fps goes to crap... My gpu ussage is always low also... I would think that it would atleast try to jump up on gpu ussage if its going to give me crap fps right?

two EVGA GTX570's
Core i7 950
12 gigs 1600 ram
1000 watt PSU

I am running a 1080p 1920-1080 res Scepter 24 inch screen for primary and a 24 inch LG screen 2nd

I have made sure there are no drivers except for the beta december 21st drivers, tried all other drivers
I have re-installed freshly a few times.

I put the sli in myself... did i miss something I plugged both in.. and slipped on the bridge on the front two things.

I have no idea what is going on. Any help would be great.
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  1. It seems a LOT of people have issues in SWTOR when in heroics/flashpoints/warzones, not really sure what to say there, I did not have any issues when I played.

    WoW seemingly only uses 2 cores on an Intel based CPU but it does like MHz so you might consider overclocking that CPU of yours.

    Open Nvidia Control Panel and make sure that SLI is activated for your two cards.

    You write you have 2 screens, does this mean you are running your games in (fullscreen) windowed mode?

    Try to disable the second monitor, set a game to fullscreen (after making sure that SLI is activated) and see how it performs.

    You can use EVGA Precision of MSI Afterburner to check the usage of your GPUs.
  2. Which 1000w psu do you have?
  3. Its a BFG 1000w

    *Edit* Also, I tried the above thing of disabling second screen and putting it on fullscreen.. the FPS did not change... Also My GPU on my 2nd card is always higher than my Primary card.
  4. Do you have or can you download and run 3DMark 11 to test if this is down to driver support for those games.
    I know SLI support for WoW have previously been flaky, not sure how it is currently, and have no idea of the support for SWTOR.

    So, to see if this is simply an issue with these two games, or if you indeed have other issues, running a benchmark that will truly test your SLI setup might help shed some light on the situation.
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