My system wont display through my gpu

I just built a system and it wont display through the gpu, but it does just fine through the mobo port for the cpu. The gpu is a 6950 that i was using earlier today on my previous build. Im not sure if the mobo has a deffective connection, or the psu was deffective.

so heres the specs if that helps:

CPU-i5 2500k
GPU- AMD 6950
Mobo- Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
PSU OCZ 700 watt
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  1. Did you remember to plug in the PCI power cables?

    Check to see if the card still works in the old system.

    Maybe the OCZ PSU is inadequate to support the 6950 (shouldn't be though).

    And it is possible, if not likely, to have a problem with the motherboard PCIe socket.
  2. Yeah I made sure both connections were connected, even tried to start it up without it connected and the motherboard beeped really loudly at me. Which means it can tell when it is not receiving enough power. I will try my old psu today to see if that might be it, and see if my.6950 still works.
  3. I decided to send the board in for rma, nothing seemed to work
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