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Motherboard instability or dead processor

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July 20, 2012 11:08:51 AM

First I will list the system specs.
Hdd WD 320gb
Proc FX-4170
Cooler CM cyclone
MB Gigabyte m68MT-S2P rev3.1
Ram 8GB Gskill Stealth
PSU Rosewill 600W performance
Case HAF 932
Vid Spphire Radeon 6770

Ok so I got a message that windows had several things that it wanted to update today which I allowed. I figured that I would catch some sleep while it was doing so. When I got up my PC was off which I considered odd but I tried to boot it any way. I was greeted by a blank screen and repeated chirping. So I went about pulling each component and replacing them with older versions where applicable. I could not test the FX-4170 in another system but putting in a old phenom II got it to post but asked me to repair the Bios. I did so but it still will not post with the 4170. My question is it more likely the MB Bios is corrupt or the processor is dead?

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July 22, 2012 12:24:34 PM

Well I got a hold of AMD and they are willing to replace the CPU regardless if it is the MB or the CPU having a problem. If a mod could close this thread I would appreciate it.

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July 22, 2012 1:20:48 PM

Your motherboard has 1 ATX 12 volts connector for near to your cpu that delivers power. My motherboard Ga-P35-DQ6 has 2 x 12 volts connectors near to my cpu and 1 12 volts connector for the pci-e onboard.

As you understand the power delivery on board to my processor and to pci-e if the card needed is much higher than yours. You really need to get a 2 molex to pci-e connector as you see here:

Just to make sure if your graphics card need power extra will not drag it out from your pci-e on board.

Besides that you are saying everything was working fine but you didn’t give any information about the temperature the cpu and system was running this is making me hard to jump to a safe conclusion the cpu damaged from high temperature or a possible capacitor malfunction from overheating.

They will replace the CPU what else they can do? but if the molex dosen't proved enough to solve your problem you have no other choice of getting a new motherboard.
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July 22, 2012 5:41:03 PM

The highest temperature I saw while running Prime 95 was 42c on the processor everything else stayed down in the mid 30's. While playing Skrim the Vid card hasn't peaked above 50c at ultra with eye candy mods. But then again I didn't think to check the actual MB temps. As it stands though for now I'm using a 95w Phenom II Until I can RMA the FX. As for power req. The mother board has a 4 pin power connector and my vid card has a 6 pin both of which I am using with the dedicated power cables which tested correctly. I am currently saving up the money for a new motherboard as it is so I can use the second 6770 in crossfire.
July 22, 2012 6:24:19 PM

have you tried furmark to see if it's the card ?

Anyway have no doubt that the 2 molex to pci-e can help you and is really cheap
July 29, 2012 4:21:32 PM

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