Gtx 460 sli power usage query

I currently am running off a 580w psu and am considering running a gtx 460 768mb in sli, I'm curious as to whether or not i'd need a psu upgrade in order to run sli with any stability or worry of overheating, i've never done sli before so this is all new to me,

processor is a quad core 775 archictecture 2.24ghz
4gb ddr2 800mhz ram
blu ray drive
fatal1ty xfi sound card

Any advice would be greatly welcome thank you.
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  1. We need the correct PSU information, like the manufacturer and model.
  2. The psu information i have off the side of the psu itself is....

    X-Power GTX Light 580
    ac input - 230 vac, 50 hz, 10a

    total output 580W

    thats all the info i really have, was just a standard psu i got froma pc chain (maplin) in the uk, isnt corsair or coolermaster or anything like that, hope that's enough help for you.
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