~225 watt pc, alternative to laptop??

ok so heres the planning on selling my laptop and buying a new system (my current lapotp is cute ancient i guess, as its a dual core).. and my budget is about $600, upto max $650.. the best i could find for this price was an hp dv6, with a 7690m card and and am A8 processor, (or an A6 mix processor)

perhaps the ONLY reason i dont have a desktop and never planned on getting one is because where i live, there are a lot of prolonged power outages, and my UPS cant support a heavy desktop (along with a lot of other stuff), so my choice has always been a notebook. but i then i thought if it was possible to have a pc, which is atleast as strong as the laptop ive told u about, but which consumes a ridiculously low amount of power, say 200 to 300watts tops?
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    This should be quite easy to do. I would wait 3 weeks or so for Ivy Bridge and get the equivalent of the i3-2120 (65W) or i3-2120T (35W) Then get something like the HD 7770 1GB (~80W). The rest of the system would be around 50-60W. Then assuming 80% efficiency, you would pull around 250W* from the wall.

    * Assuming you go with the higher powered CPU and every single component is at 100% load. Typical load would be closer to 200W

    This build would be a lot better than that laptop and the low power consumption would keep it cool and quiet.
  2. wow dude, u just got me like REALLY excited :).. thanks man.......
  3. No problem. There are a few other options too just so you know. The one I pointed out is kind of a compromise between power consumption and performance. If you want ultra low power consumption you could get something similar to the i3-2120T with the HD 7750 and a SSD (Samsung 830 is great for low power consumption). That would probably stay under 100W even in games and still outperform the laptop. For a more high performance route, you could go for something like the i5-2400S and the HD 7850 2GB if it's in budget. That would be closer to 250W in games but would be a serious gaming machine.

    EDIT: ~100W and ~250W from the PSU, add 20% and that will give you an idea of what it would pull from the wall.
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