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my usb flash drive is new. the first time used an error that reads that file will not fit.How could a brand new flash drive not have enough storage?
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  1. What is the size of the usb flash drive,make sure it is larger than the files being transferred to it.They come in many storage sizes.New doesn't matter storage size does.
  2. If you have a large new flash drive that is over 4GB and the file won't fit, it may be that you are trying to store a file larger than 4GB and flash drives usually get formatted in FAT32 so a file larger than 4GB won't transfer despite there being plenty of room for it.

    If this is your problem then 'convert' the flash drive to NTFS and it will hold a file up to the size of the flash drive.

    To convert to NTFS: (example for a flash drive assigned drive letter F׃)

    Start > Run > CMD > Convert F׃ /FS:NTFS > {enter}

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