Wiring an ethernet cable?

Hi everyone.

I am interested in wiring an ethernet cable from my downstairs router to my upstairs computer (wireless is working very poorly up here, unfortunately.) Who can I call to do this? My parents dont want ANY wires on the outside of my house, so it has to be wired down to the attic, come up through the garage and up into my room (which is above the garage). It makes sense but there is no way we can do all this ourself. Does anyone know any companies who do this?

Also, will any old ethernet cable work for this? It is going from my router directly to my computer. I keep hearing about matching the colors of the cables. Thanks.
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  1. since you are going through an attic it will require a different cable standard than your regular network cable.

    running this type of run might cost you around $100.

    a telco company or even an electrician might be able to do it
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