Xigmatek Gaia versus Hyper 101

I'm having my first custom computer built, some of the components I understand, others I have no idea 0.0 one of them is cooling.

So last minute the guys who are putting it together for me switch out a Xigmatek Gaia for a Hyper 101, apparently they're the same price (since it seems the Xigmatek didn't fit) but I'm concerned about performance. I can find individual reviews, but nothing for comparison.

Does anyone have any advice or idea about the comparative performance of these two coolers?
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  1. See below specs on both the hyper 101 and Xigmatek Gaia. The 101 has just as good as RPM and CFM speed of the fan. It is also PWM fans that can be controlled by the user. Overall, good performance cpu cooler for smaller cases.


  2. The 101 has lower performance but it should be adequate for a mild overclock.
  3. Thank you for your advice :)
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