Dual monitor setup 1 with Graphic card 1 with on-board graphics...?

I need to know if its possible to have a dual monitor setup using the port on my MOBO and the port from my Graphics card...

The problem is i dont have a monitor that has a dvi cord... im using old CRD monitors... my graphics card has 4 ports for dvi connections and 1 for s-video... well im lazy and cheap and dont wanna buy a dvi-vga adapter so i need to know how i can run 1 monitor on my Radeon HD 4850x2 and 1 monitor on my MOBO...

Step by step would be nice or a simple yes it can be done look here or something...

Thank you all in advance :P
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  1. Well unless your motherboard has a S video display port. Your only option is getting another adapter. Sorry to let you down but....thats your only other option
  2. no my MOBO only has DVI, HDMI, and VGA :(
  3. No... You can't be cheap at this :). You can't

    Get an adapter. It's cheap mate.
  4. yea i know its like 3 bucks form newegg :P but i didn't want to spend money lol :P
  5. :lol:

    You don't want to run dual monitor then :D.
  6. lmao well i had read something about if you have ATI chipset you can change your bios option and do something idk lol... Google :P confusing..
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