Lost one of my Quad cores

Hi all,
I have recently updated win7 in MS and lost one of my quad cores???
I have tried going into msconfig and checking the number of processors to reset it but it's only showing three.
I then tried uninstalling the processors from Device Manager in case it re-found them all again, No joy!
I suspect it is an issue that Ms update has passed onto my bios but don't have the slightest clue what it maybe could someone please help me. :( :(
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  1. Hardware configuration :
    CPU; AMD Phenom 2 X4 965
    RAM; 4x2GB Corsair DDR3 1333
    HD; WD CB 750 GB
    Cooling; Corsair H60
  2. as in you lost 1 of 4 cores in your processor?
    if you go to task manager you only see 3 threads?
  3. Komomu said:
    as in you lost 1 of 4 cores in your processor?
    if you go to task manager you only see 3 threads?

    thats right only three of four working.
  4. Uncheck the check box in MS config that says to use a certain number of processors, reboot and check again.

    Also check in BIOS and confirm that it is reading you as a quad core still, i would also check with CPU-z and see if it thinks you lost one.
  5. Hunter 315, thanks for your input on this,
    I had tried that but to no effect unfortunately in the end I took an old BIOS Flash and loaded it onto a DVD re-started going in to the BIOS and then flashed it then re-booted shut it down switched it off from the PSU switch unplugged it the power lead and re-booted, Job done, I had actually remembered that this has happened once before then i corrected it, thanks for your time. much appreciated
  6. I have the same problem.
    I lost 2 cores of my 965BE and then another one went missing.
    Tried everything except re installing windows and flashing the BIOS.
    I googled and this has been happening since 2010.
    But MS update win7 every day or two, so I don't really think that caused it. But maybe it did.
  7. I flashed the BIOS from 1101 t 1301 and the problem is gone. Awol cores are back where they belong.
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