Advice on this case and psu bundle


Is this a good psu from Coolermaste?

Here is my parts list to give you an idea of the PC build. I would like some extra capacity for future add ons, hence going for a 650W.

Looking to build a gaming PC/Video Editing/Engineering software and numerical analysis PC.

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  1. Sorry... it's not a bundle. It's the PSU on its own.
  2. Stay away from the E3 versions of the Coolermaster GX series; they are made by a horrible OEM, Seventeam. Review of the GX650W E3:
    Some better Choices:
    1. OCZ ZS 650W:
    2. Antc HC 620:
    3. Corsair TX650 V2:
    Review of the 750W versio:

    The issue is that you don't need anywhere near that much power. A good quality 400W PSU is more than suffcient for that build...even if you got and HD6850 you wouldn't need mre than a good 450W PSU. If you want some extra power for future upgrades, then you could get the XFX Core 550W for 50 quid and free shipping from Amazon:
    Review: You don't need anything more than that unless you're going to SLI/CF some mid-high powered GPUs....and that XFX 550W will handle a CF of HD 6850s
  3. ^+1, the E3 series of the GX models failed every review due to excessive ripple on the 3.3 V rail.

    One change i would make to your build, the most important thing in how responsive your system feels is the speed of the main drive, that 5400 RPM drive is going to feel and be real slow compared to a good 7200 RPM drive, i would drop down to 8GB of RAM and spend the extra 36 on getting a good fast hard drive, since a laptop hard drive like that scorpio is going to be real slow.
  4. What's the main disadvantages in your experiences of having a PSU rated more than you need? Thanks for all you help and suggestions.
  5. There really isn't a disadvantage other than upfront costs. There is only a disadvantage if you get a massively oversized PSU for your system, if you build a micro ATX system with onboard graphics and use a 1kW PSU then you start to hit the point where the fact that efficiency is low at very low load % starts to matter, but for the most part a normal system has no advantages or disadvantages with picking a PSU between 550-850 other than the upfront cost.
  6. This looks like a pretty good deal, what's your thoughts on this OCZ 500W

  7. If gaming is one of your concerns get a better graphics card.

    HDD like the guys already said..... too slow.

    RAM - Dont buy 4 separate sticks get proper kits

    like 2 sets of these

    CPU is cheaper here after the mail in rebate/cashback thing AMD are doing

    I would buy this mobo it is a newer chipset

    Also do you need a 120HZ monitor? As far as gaming goes you are never going to get close to rendering 120FPS even if you get a slightly better GPU so buying a 120Hz monitor seems wasteful better get a normal 60Hz and splash more cash on the actual machine.

    Normally I would go in to a list of reasons not to buy FX but today I cant be bothered and with the cashback offer its actually pretty cheap/
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