CM Storm Scout Tower Fans to Motherboard

Hello, I have a cm storm scout tower that came with three fans, and my psu only has 3 connections for fans, the problem is that the led lights also need a fan connection from the psu and it only has three? is there a way i can connect one of the stock tower fans to the mother board in order to be able to use the psu chords for the led lights?
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  1. If your motherboard has more pins to plug the fans into, then I don't see why not.
  2. well, the cm scout doesn't come with motherboard fan connectors...just molex! that's a readon why not
  3. Get yourself some Molex to 3 pin fan adapters. Then plug into the fan headers on the motherboard. That'll give you the added benefit of letting the BIOS lower the fan speed and noise when high cooling's not needed... which is most of the time.
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