Weird Black Vertical Lines in Battlefield 3 with 5850

I have been experiencing a weird issue in Battlefield 3 on my system where I am getting weird black vertical lines. They are only appearing in certain lighting effects throughout the game. This has been happening ONLY in BF3 and no other game. I have never seen this issue before in my many years of gaming.

I have tried different driver versions, and I am now running the latest 12.1 drivers. But even earlier versions gave me the same problem. I changed the video settings every whichaway in BF3 and they did not go away. I even changed the resolutions around as well. Also I know it's not my monitor causing the problem, because I tried two different monitors, and the lines show up in screenshots. I also got desperate and completely wiped my hard drive and did a clean windows install which did not fix the issue.

Here are some screenshots of the issue:

Here are my system specs:

-Q6600 OC'd @ 3.0 GHz
-Radeon 5850 1GB @ Stock Speeds
-550W Corsair PSU
-WD Black 1TB 7200RPM

Anyone know what could be causing the issue? Thanks ahead of time! :)
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  1. Those dotted-dashed double repeating vertical lines remind me of those I had seen when my video card failed. In my case those could be seen every time, even in BIOS, I found out that memory failure causes this type of error. This doesn't seem like your case though...

    A good search term for googling this is "video card artifacts". You'll find tons of screenshots and material. Maybe this will get you somewhere:
  2. It doesn't look like much of an issue and if it only happens in one game, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I am not losing too much sleep over it, but considering that BF3 is one of the main games I play right now it has somewhat become really annoying. Some of the maps like Metro use that lighting effect literally everywhere, so I pretty much see the black vertical lines the whole time. :/
  4. Well firstly, change the browser you are using for battlelog, believe me that fixed up one of my problems (visual glitches + low frame rate).

    If that does not work then your system may be overheating so download CoreTemp and MSI AfterBurner to check CPU and GPU temps. If your CPU is above 60 degrees Celsius and your GPU is above 90 degrees Celsius then you have a cooling problem and need to get more fans or downclock your system.
  5. I get something like that also, its only on air conditioners or some vented objects, it like almost blacks it out... I don't have any pictures but its annoying... not concerned though (When I see it again I'll post pics)
  6. Yeah, I just tried to remove the OCing on the Q6600 to see if that would help, and it did not. Anyone else got any ideas?
  7. Guys I know this is off topic but, is there a way to turn OFF the bloom or whatever its called? I mean ugh its everywhere and hideous... its so overpowering that some walls appear pitch black and you cannot see them at all....

    Also is there a way to turn off the dots on you screen during cutscenes? I get enough of those IRL because of dirty glasses lol
  8. You might want to see if down clocking your card helps. It could be going bad.
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