Another one of those gpu question :)

OK, so here we go, i currently have a msi 560gtx ti oc about 2 weeks old,

i built a new system becuz my old cpu and memory just not that great anymore

currently my new system is

amd 8120fx (stock cooler) atm will upgrade to theomaltake ock cooler
corsair vegaence 1600(blue) 4x4gb(16 total)
themoaltake chaser mk-i case
Asus crosshair formula V mobo
2 x 320gb sata hdd
1x blu ray burner
1x dvd burner
1000w ps
msi 560gtx ti oc
2x 23 hp LED 2311x monitor on dvi
really crappy wireless keyboard and mouse

ok, i want to run due video card, i can only afford 260bucks more on a second video card. heres the deal
i been research read research and read and research and read, i think i lost about 20lbs of hair just thinking too much, i m so confuse what is good or not. honestly i want to run current game max out. which the card i got doing it already. heaven benchmark was little dispointed, 41.2fps on 921oc normal testallation. well idk is good or not. i have a friend is ati fan boy, he said 6950s will beat my 560gtx. i dont really care the brand, i just want to get my money worth it, thats all.

so i read up, 560gtx ti oc, have alot head room and i can go faster, but then i heard 6950 r better stock vs stock. (if i gonna get ati, i would go for msi twin fronz 6950 2gb and it be 2 of them, which i will return my 560, but heres my question.

2x msi 560gtx ti oc twin fronz vs 2x msi 6950 twin fronz?

which out perform on gaming example crysis max out, batman max out, rift max out etc

i have heard ati drivers issue some game not working well with it, where nvdia is always update new driver, is it true?

also i understand in the past the nvdia dont work well with amd chipset, but since nvdia website said they licnsed amd 990fx(which i got) 990x and 970 chipset, so is that a problem anymore? is that really a issue or slow down performance going with nvidia gpu on amd board?

heres my choice, i can take my card back and get 2x msi twin fronz 6950 2gb or get 1 x 580gtx or 6970
or keep my msi card and get another one sli it. suggestion

sorry for a long story, but i just at a point really confuse with choices, thx for reading.
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  1. GTX560Ti and HD6950 are so close to each other that choosing between them would be based on favorite games! Nvidia cards work fine with your SLI capable board and in single card configuration on previous generation boards!
  2. I think its best to not OC when you do sli or crossfire as the heat builds up quite easily. And yes the 6950 is slightly faster then the 560ti at stock but both OC'ed its about the same.

    You might consider the 7950 launching in 2 days, a single card is usually much more carefree than 2 cards due to having better driver support but 2 cards offers better performance when they are used well.

    I'd just sli the 560ti unless you want a single card.
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